Top Digital Firm in Kenya

Lions are a pride in Kenya. A Warrior that has killed a lion is entitled to wear a headdress made with the lion’s mane. Smith Aegis Plc a top digital media marketing firm in East Africa, Nairobi, Kenya wears this mane in his arena.

Running is associated with Kenya after winning multiple world marathon titles, race after race. But there's no better winner in running digital campaigns or social media campaigns than Smith Aegis. Having worked with major clients like Britam, MML Turner & Townsend and more, Smith Aegis has a portfolio so remarkable you wouldn’t want your competitor having them as their digital agency.

Kenya is steadily and fast becoming the silicon everyone envisioned it to be. With key game changers in tech being crafted here, you wouldn't want to be left out of it. Smith Aegis has developed a platform, to join in on this band wagon that allows users to study short courses online, in groups or individually and gain certificates at the end of each course. SkillDrift™ is an on in demand online courses platform with cool features including dark mode while studying and much more. Smith Aegis come up with the platform to allow users especially the youth to gain more skill via short courses.

With the rise in need for digital marketing and branding top firms like Smith Aegis Plc have been on the fore front revolutionizing the industry by coming up with new innovative and ingenious ways that their clients can leverage on.

That’s it for now, Join The Lions!

3d Logo of Smith Aegis Plc on wooden wall. Abbreviated S.A with lion shape above the A.
Smith Aegis Plc Company Logo on wall.